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Support for Instructors

The Writing Center primarily assists student writers across the curriculum with free, one-to-one conferences. By request, the Center may also visit your class, run workshops for your students or faculty, assign a specific consultant to your course or program, or evaluate student writing for placement or future support. To discuss any of these support options, contact Ben Erwin, Writing Center Administrator, at 315.443.2129 or

General Course Support

Individual appointments. Our consultants collaborate with student writers both in-person and online through a dialogue-based approach which starts with your assignment. We aim to balance the professor's requirements, the students' goals, and our own experience as teachers of writing as we talk with students, always working toward a realistic agenda for revision. We recommend students make recurring appointments with different consultants whenever they have a complex writing project at hand. For an academic essay, for example, students might make at least two or three appointments throughout their drafting process.

You can help encourage students to use our services by mentioning them often in class and via email, posting a link to our site in BlackBoard, and including a blurb about us in your syllabi. Because appointments are usually necessary, we ask that you refer students to our Center, but do not require visits. 

Info for your syllabus. Feel free to copy and paste the following for your syllabus.

Experienced consultants at the Writing Center (101 HB Crouse Hall, on the Quad) are available to work one-on-one with you at any stage of your writing process and with any kind of writing you're creating. Whether you need help understanding an assignment, brainstorming ideas, revising subsequent drafts, or developing editing strategies, face-to-face and online chat appointments are available for 25- or 50-minute sessions throughout the semester. Appointments can be reserved up to six days in advance via their online scheduling program, WCOnline. In addition, drop-in appointments are welcome Monday through Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and brief concerns, questions, or drafts (max of 5 pages) can be emailed to consultants via their eWC service. For more information on hours, location and services, please visit 

Classroom visits. Consultants are available at any point in the semester to briefly visit your class to discuss when and how to reserve an appointment, review some of our basic policies, and answer questions about our services. These visits generally take 15-20 minutes of class time. 

Specialized Support

Workshops. Consultants can custom design a workshop for any population of your college, program, or course for a fee. In the past we have created workshops for staff on writing in the workplace, for students in the Defense Comptrollership Program, international students enrolled in the Public Administration Program, and graduate students in the Future Professoriate Program. We have also run workshops on citation, plagiarism, and source use. Fees are generally $75/hour for instruction and $50/hour for preparation.

Dedicated consultants. If you need specific, long-term writing support for your course or program, consider hiring a consultant. In the past our consultants have assisted with theses in the Honors Program, rigorous papers in Maxwell 123 and 132, and with new students writing for the Masters in Public Health Program. Costs begin at approximately $4,350 for 140 hours of support throughout the semester (about 10 hours per week).

Evaluation for course placement. Consultants are available, for a fee, to read and assess student writing to help determine placement in future courses or programs. Generally fees cost about $500 per every 20 students. 

Professional development for faculty. Consultants are available, for a fee, to present on aspects of student writing, including assessment practices, assignment design, peer review structures, or other in-class writing activities. Fees are generally $75/hour for instruction and $50/hour for preparation.