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Support for Undergraduate Students

The Writing Center offers you three ways of getting help with your writing.

Make an appointment to discuss your project in-person at the Writing Center (on the quad; HBC 101) for a 25- or 50-minute session. [more info about what we do]

Email us your questions or a brief paper (5 pages, max). You can now submit documents to the eWC via the Writing Center’s main scheduling page. You can log into the schedule, select the fall 2018 eWC schedule, and reserve an eWC "appointment." Once you've reserved an appointment on the eWC schedule, you will be prompted with an option to attach the text you'd like feedback on. Remember that, as per eWC policy, eWC texts are limited to a maximum of five (5) pages; submitting longer documents will result in the cancellation of that appointment. You will receive feedback from an eWC consultant on the date on which you've reserved an eWC appointment. Please contact Ben Erwin ( with any questions.

Instant Messaging 
Make an appointment to chat online in real time using AOL Instant Messenger (Windows) or Messages (Mac).  [more info about what we do]