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Make an appointment to discuss your project in-person at the Writing Center for a 25- or 50-minute session. [more info]


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What we do
The primary aim of the Writing Center is to help you become a stronger, more accomplished writer. No matter which form of support you choose, writing consultants will work with you at any stage of your writing process. Each semester hundreds of students choose to visit with consultants to

  • interpret an assignment sheet, talk through ideas for a project, discuss course readings, or plan for a paper,
  • (re)consider choices with regard to audience, focus, reasoning, or organization,
  • develop ideas with greater specificity,
  • acquire research strategies, integrate scholarly sources, and apply proper documentation,
  • improve edit and proofreading skills, expand vocabulary, and better understand technical conventions of academic writing.

Writing consultants will not:

  • write a paper for you,
  • edit your paper,
  • dispute or question grades.

Appointment policies

  • All appointments require a valid, current SUID card. Students who do not have their SUID may be denied their appointment.
  • Appointments are offered in 25 and 50-minute blocks, starting on the hour and half hour. All students are restricted to a total 120 minutes per week. No exceptions. To make the most of your experience, reserve appointments several days in advance as schedules fill quickly.
  • Out of courtesy to other students, please arrive timely for all appointments you make. Cancel online (up to 8 hours before your appointment) or by calling (443-5289) during business hours. Missing or canceling at the last minute could result in the loss of appointment privileges for the semester. Arriving more than 10 minutes late may also result in a forfeited and missed appointment.
  • Students are welcome to drop in to see if a consultant is available, especially between the hours of 10-2, Monday through Thursday. These sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.
  • Be prepared. If you've schedule a face-to-face appointment, bring your assignment, pens/pencils, readings, notes, and any prewriting notes or drafts. If this is an online chat appointment, be sure your computer has reliable broadband access and is set up in a quiet environment. Sign on to your AIM or iChat account a few minutes before your appointment and a consultant will contact you.
  • Summaries of prior face-to-face or online chat appointments are available to you. To view any of them, log in to the scheduling system, click any past appointment and click the "View Existing Forms" link.
  • Before reserving an online chat appointment, install a current version of AIM for Windows or iChat for Mac and understand the programis basic functions. If you need assistance in learning more about these programs, email us at writingcenter@listserv.syr.edu or call the Writing Center during normal business hours.
  • To reserve an online chat appointment, choose the "instant message" schedule when logging in to WCOnline. When prompted, tell us what chat program you'll be using, your username, and of any video and audio features you have, as consultants will be equipped with webcams and microphones during your appointment.


Spring 2014

Geghard Arakelian

Geghard Arakelian
Degrees: Bachelor's in Journalism (California State University, Northridge) Master's in English, Emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition (CSUN).
Academic Interests: examining how Marxist Reflection Theory, and feminist composition theory can be examined in order to better understand how patriarchal discourses and economic modes inform our standards of "good" university-level writing.

L Banister

Lindsey Banister
Degrees: B.A. in Writing and Rhetoric from Pepperdine University; M.A. Rhetoric and Writing Studies from San Diego State University; PhD in Composition & Cultural Rhetoric at Syracuse University in progress!
Academic Interests: Visual, cultural, and feminist rhetorics; composition pedagogy research; & rhetoric methods & methodologies
Courses taught: WRT 104, 105, 205, 307, and 670

Jordan Canzonetta

Jordan Canzonetta
Jordan Canzonetta is a PhD student in the CCR Program.  During my tenure as a writing tutor, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse array of students. I've had training to work with special needs students, ESL students, grad-level students, and introductory level students. I have also taught various freshman comp. courses and will be teaching 105 this fall. I am comfortable working with any student who needs extra guidance in composition courses, and I hope to tailor my pedagogy to each student's personal needs.

Jordan Canzonetta

Matt Chacko
Degrees: BA in English and BS in Biology (Andrews University); MA in English literature from Syracuse University (in progress)
Academic Interests: early modern/Renaissance literature and science
Courses taught: WRT105

J Colasacco

John Colasacco

Degrees: BS in Advertising and MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University. Academic interests: Literature, Translation, Italian, Visual Art and Rhetoric, Commercial Art and Rhetoric, History, Popular/Counterculture, Social Justice, the Avant-Garde.
Courses taught: WRT 105, 114, 205, 195, 422; ETS 151, 107; TRM 500.
Personal note: I look forward to helping you with your college writing assignment.

Andrea Constable

Andrea Constable
Degrees: MA in English (Syracuse University), CAS in Women's Studies, (Syracuse University), and BS in Public Relations and Journalism (Utica College of Syracuse University)
Courses taught: WRT 105, 109,120/220, and 205.

Andrea Constable

Jacqueline DeRobertis
Degrees: BA in English from Louisiana State University; BA in Philosophy from Louisiana State University.
Academic interests: Modern American literature, gender studies, Marxist theory.
Courses taught: WRT 105, WRT 205.
First Year M.A. student in the Literature program.

B Erwin

Ben Erwin
Degrees: B.A. in journalism from Eastern Illinois University and M.A. in English rhetoric and composition from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
Academic interests: composition theory and Writing Center pedagogy, language acquisition, multilingual writers, and Writing Center Administration.
Courses taught: WRT 105, 120/220, 205, 307, 331, 430


Ellen Fallon:
Degrees: I received both my M.A. in English and M.S. in English Education from Syracuse University.
Courses taught: In addition to regularly teaching WRT 105 and WRT 205, I've also taught WRT 104 and WRT 307. My latest topic of inquiry has been visual culture.

Chris Feikes

Chris Feikes
Degrees: B.A. degrees in journalism and psychology (University of Arizona) M.A. in English (Syracuse University) M.S. in English Education (Syracuse University)
Courses taught: Wrt104, 105, 109, 114, 120/220, 205, 209, 255, 301, 340, 422, and 670. Extensive experience with HEOP, SummerStart, Summer College and ACES. Current interests include Say Yes to Education and writing instruction in multilingual environments. Chris is also one of the lucky 200 who scored a seat in SU's #WhoClass live, an in-person spring course and international MOOC.

Tamara Issak Tamara Issak
Tamara is a third year PhD student in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric. She studied English and Secondary Education in college and completed a master's degree in English literature at Rutgers University. In the past, she taught at Rutgers University, Concordia University-Chicago, Triton Community College, and DePaul University. At Syracuse, she teaches WRT 105 and WRT 205.
D Jager

Dawnelle Jager
Degrees: BA, English, Youngstown State University; MA, English Education, Syracuse University. Certifications: TEOSL Writing Center Experience: Coordinator of the SUNY ESF Writing Resource Center Interests: Environmental issues, food politics and brain games.

long Seth Long
BA in Screenwriting from Chapman University; MA in English from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; PhD in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric from Syracuse University (in progress)
Academic Interests: Digital rhetoric; quantitative methodology; history of rhetoric.
Courses taught: WRT 105, 205, 303, 307
J Luther

Jason Luther
Degrees: BA in English Education and BS in Communication from SUNY Fredonia; MA in English from the University of Nevada, Reno.; pursuing a PhD in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric from Syracuse University. Academic interests: Sustainability, geography, education, creative nonfiction, journalism, new media, architecture, race, gender and class issues, art theory and history, zines, music, and counterculture.
Courses taught: WRT 104, 105, 114, 205, 307, 331 and 430.
Personal note: In his spare time Jason collects LPs, hangs with his daughter, and laments Buffalo's cursed sports teams.

Ryan McClur

Ryan McClure
Degrees: BA in English from the University of Vermont. MA in English from Syracuse University.
Academic interests: American and British novels, sociology, political science, and critical theory.
Courses taught: WRT 104, 105 and 205.
Personal note: In his spare time, Ryan dabbles in creative writing in a variety of genres.


Cate McLaughlin
Degrees: B.A. in Theater/ English from UMass Amherst; MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University.
Academic Interests: modern and contemporary poetry; race, gender, and sexuality issues; visual rhetoric; food politics.
Courses taught: WRT 105, WRT 205, ETS 107
Personal Notes: When she isn't teaching, Cate spends time with her family in Massachusetts and makes a mean kale salad.


Casey Nagle
Casey has a degree in English from Calvin College. He's working towards his MFA here at Syracuse where he's also taught WRT 105. He likes similes, cooking and short novels.

Karen Oakes Karen Oakes
Degrees: B.A. in English and American Studies, Elmira College. PhD candidate in American and New England Studies, Boston University.
Academic interests: service learning pedagogy, civic engagement, learning communities, American History, women's studies, historic architecture.
Courses taught: WRT 105/109, WRT 205/209, WRT 307
Personal note: In her spare time, Karen scrolls through her calendar and to-do lists trying to figure out what she forgot she was supposed to be doing.

Steve Paisley
Steve has a BA in Geology from Oberlin College, and is currently a student in the MFA program at Syracuse in poetry.


Jessica Pauszek
Jessica is a 3rd year PhD student in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric. Her dissertation focuses on working-class writing groups started in various communities throughout England aimed at producing social and educational change at the local level. She is also working on a transnational archive of community publications for these groups. At Syracuse, she has taught WRT 104, 105, 205, 301, 307, and 670.


Eileen Schell
Degrees: B.A. and M.A in English (University of Washington), Ph.D. in English (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). Associate Professor of Writing and Faculty Affiliate in Women's and Gender Studies
Courses taught: WRT 105, 109, 205, 255, 422, 470, 490, ETS 410 along with doctoral level seminars in rhetoric, composition, and feminist theory.
Extensive experience with graduate students working on thesis or dissertation projects as well as undergraduates working on writing assignments at all levels of the curriculum
Current interests: Distance running, Hiking, Writing


Emilio Sola
Emilio has a BA in linguistics from the University of Florida. He currently studies creative writing.


Karrieann Soto
Degrees: BA in Secondary English Education with Multimedia Technology, University of Puerto Rico (Aguadilla Campus); MA in English Education, University of Puerto Rico (Mayagüez Campus); currently pursuing a PhD in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric here in Syracuse.
Academic interests: rhetorics about Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican indie rock scene(s), neocolonial rhetorics, transnational feminist perspectives, multimedia communications and their various uses, Caribbean pop cultures, Caribbean rhetorics, creative nonfiction, among others.
Courses taught: WRT 105, WRT 205, WRT 104

J Starkweather

John Starkweather
Degrees: A.A. from Jefferson Community College; B.A. in English from SUNY at Geneseo; M.A. in English from Syracuse University.

Academic interests: Critical thinking, the writing process, history, mythology, English and European literature, art, and architecture. 

Courses taught: WRT 104, 105, and 205. 

Personal note: Hockey, French culture, music, art, and gastronomy are among John's many interests.

Molly Voorheis

Caitlin Vance
Caitlin is a second-year student in the Creative Writing MFA program here at Syracuse, where she also teaches WRT 105. She received her BA in Philosophy at Colby College in Maine, where she worked at the Writers' Center. Before coming to SU, she lived in New York City and worked in education. Her academic interests include creative writing, literature, philosophy, art and art history, women's and gender studies, LGBTQI studies, race and class issues, film, and visual/cultural studies. She is originally from the Pacific Northwest.

Molly Voorheis

Molly Voorheis
Degrees: B.S. in Film and English from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; M.A. in American Lit from SU.

Academic interests: writing and community activism; workplace writing. 

Courses taught: WRT 105, 109, 205, 301, 307, 308.

Personal note: Molly is currently editing a book about Wisconsin high school basketball star Mickey Crowe.

Vanessa Watts

Vanessa Watts

Degrees: BA in Literature and Psychology from Alderson-Broaddus College, Philippi, WV. MA in Psychology from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. MA in English from Syracuse University. MSW degree in 2014 (at SU). 

Academic interests: postmodern theory; film studies; media/pop culture influence on public perception; psychology/social work.
Courses taught: WRT 105, WRT 195, WRT 205, WRT 209, WRT 307.
Personal note: In her spare time, Vanessa hikes another ADK high peak, binges on audio books, and drinks Italian reds.


Liana Willis 
Degrees: BA in English (Literary & Cultural Studies), University of Oklahoma
Courses Taught: WRT105; WRT205
Academic Interests: I am currently an English Master's student here at SU, specializing in early modern literature and Marxist critical theory. Aside from this, however, I have a layman's interest in nearly everything underneath the sun (and am willing to read any papers underneath the sun, as a result, too!). I enjoy helping students with their writing and pride myself in the close individual attention I give to any student, whatever level they are at.  I will work with you to mature your writing style and enhance your ability to present complex ideas with precision, clarity, and verve!

Stacey Wright

Stacey Wright
Degrees: BA English & BS-English-Secondary Education at Buffalo State College; MEd-English-Secondary Education at University at Buffalo Academic interests: Literature, writing, and educational theory and practice
Courses taught: WRT 105, 120, 205, 220
Personal note: Stacey enjoys learning about history, science, religion, and actively studying spiritual metaphysics.



Peer Consultants

Hanna Mallette
Hanna is a senior Writing and Rhetoric Major from Ogdensburg, NY. She is hoping to pursue magazine journalism after graduation. Interests: football, reading, Netflix, music, history, yoga.


Jack Turner
Jack Turner is a senior in the Writing and Rhetoric program in the School of Arts and Sciences. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and hopes to work in the music industry after graduation. On a personal note, Jack enjoys rooting for all of the Boston sports teams.

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