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The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers one-on-one consulting services to support the success of all SU students. Each year, thousands of SU students from various academic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds visit the Writing Center for help with a wide range of writing projects, including academic assignments across disciplines, internship applications, and professional portfolios. We offer face-to-face appointments as well as synchronous and asynchronous online sessions to all students, regardless of grade level or major.


The Writing Center offers you three ways of getting help with your writing.

Face-To-Face: Make an appointment to discuss your project in-person at the WC.

eWC: Email us your questions or a brief paper (5 pages, max). 

Instant Messaging: Make an appointment to chat in real time.

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Grad Students

In addition to the services offered by the Writing Center, graduate students may also make use of the Graduate Editing Center (GEC), which provides free editing and proofreading services. Our editors work with a range of texts, from dissertations and master's theses to articles, conference presentations, and grant proposals.

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The Writing Center primarily assists student writers across the curriculum with free, one-to-one conferences. By request, the Center may also visit your class, run workshops for your students or faculty, assign a specific consultant to your course or program, or evaluate student writing for placement or future support. 

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