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What we do
The primary aim of the Writing Center is to help you become a stronger, more accomplished writer. No matter which form of support you choose, writing consultants will work with you at any stage of your writing process. Each semester hundreds of students choose to visit with consultants to

  • interpret an assignment sheet, talk through ideas for a project, discuss course readings, or plan for a paper,
  • (re)consider choices with regard to audience, focus, reasoning, or organization,
  • develop ideas with greater specificity,
  • acquire research strategies, integrate scholarly sources, and apply proper documentation,
  • improve edit and proofreading skills, expand vocabulary, and better understand technical conventions of academic writing.

Writing consultants will not:

  • write a paper for you,
  • edit your paper,
  • dispute or question grades.

Appointment policies

  • All appointments require a valid, current SUID card. Students who do not have their SUID may be denied their appointment.
  • Appointments are offered in 25 and 50-minute blocks, starting on the hour and half hour. All students are restricted to a total 120 minutes per week. No exceptions. To make the most of your experience, reserve appointments several days in advance as schedules fill quickly.
  • Out of courtesy to other students, please arrive timely for all appointments you make. Cancel online (up to 8 hours before your appointment) or by calling (443-5289) during business hours. Missing or canceling at the last minute could result in the loss of appointment privileges for the semester. Arriving more than 10 minutes late may also result in a forfeited and missed appointment.
  • Students are welcome to drop in to see if a consultant is available, especially between the hours of 10-2, Monday through Thursday. These sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.
  • Be prepared. If you've schedule a face-to-face appointment, bring your assignment, pens/pencils, readings, notes, and any prewriting notes or drafts. If this is an online chat appointment, be sure your computer has reliable broadband access and is set up in a quiet environment. Sign on to your AIM or iChat account a few minutes before your appointment and a consultant will contact you.
  • Summaries of prior face-to-face or online chat appointments are available to you. To view any of them, log in to the scheduling system, click any past appointment and click the "View Existing Forms" link.
  • Before reserving an online chat appointment, install a current version of AIM for Windows or Messages for Mac and understand the program's basic functions. If you need assistance in learning more about these programs, email us at writingcenter@listserv.syr.edu or call the Writing Center during normal business hours.
  • To reserve an online chat appointment, choose the "instant message" schedule when logging in to WCOnline. When prompted, tell us what chat program you'll be using, your username, and of any video and audio features you have, as consultants will be equipped with webcams and microphones during your appointment.


Fall 2016


Khem Aryal
Degree: PhD in English from University of Missouri, Columbia.
Teaching: Rhetoric and composition and creative writing courses
Courses taught at SU: WRT 105, WRT 205, WRT 114


Mark Barber
Degrees: B.A. in English from Flagler College and M.A. in English from Syracuse University.
Academic Interests: International politics and social movements; spirituality and religion, specifically Buddhism and contemplative practices and their intersections with writing; education and pedagogical development; creative nonfiction and personal writing; American/Southern literature.
Personal Interests: Music, movies, meditation and mmm...food.
Courses Taught: WRT 105 and 205.


Jordan Canzonetta
Degrees: B.A. in English, Kent State University; M.A. in Rhetoric and Professional Writing, Northern Illinois University; PhD (in progress) in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, Syracuse University
Courses Taught: WRT 105, WRT 205, WRT 307
Writing Specialties: resumes, cover letters, professional writing, research papers, working with graduate students, rhetorical analyses, argumentative papers, ESL, etc.


Timothy Carter
Degrees: B.A. in English, Philosophy, and Education from Hobart & William Smith Colleges. Currently enrolled in the Syracuse MFA program. Academic Interests: Poetry, Chinese Philosophy, and Social Justice. Course taught: WRT 105.


Molly Cavanaugh
Degree: B.A. in English from the University of Maine Farmington, first year M.A. at Syracuse. Research interests: Victorian studies, the Gothic, pop culture, film, queer studies, gender studies. Personal interests: Games, TV, snow.


Rohan Chhetri
Degrees: MA(Hons.) in English Literature, Mumbai University, 2nd year MFA Creative Writing candidate at Syracuse University
Experience: Three years as an Editor at Hachette India. Author of a book of poems titled "Slow Startle". Academic Interests: Modernism and Post Modernism, Literatures of Diaspora and Exile, Feminism, Narrative Poetry, Literature in Translation.


Ezekiel Choffel
Ezekiel Choffel has eight years of Writing Center experience. I look forward to working with you on types of writing. I am particularly trained to help with the brainstorming, organization, and writing process.

J Colasacco

John Colasacco
Degrees: BS in Advertising and MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University.
Academic interests: Creative Writing, especially Poetry, Fiction, and hybrid forms, Translation, Italian, Visual Art and Rhetoric, Commercial Art and Rhetoric, Film, Publishing, Social Justice, the Avant-Garde.
Courses taught: WRT 104, 105, 114, 205, 195, 422; ETS 151, 107; TRM 500. Personal note: I look forward to helping you with your college writing assignment.

Jessica Corey

Jessica Corey
Degrees: B.S. in English and psychology from Baldwin Wallace University, M.A. in Composition and Rhetorical Studies from John Carroll University, Ph.D. in Literacy, Rhetoric, and Social Practice from Kent State University.
My academic interests include interdisciplinary approaches to women's studies, life writing, pedagogy/writing program administration, and rhetorics of silence. I have taught lower- and upper-division courses in expository, business, argumentative, and public writing; multimodal composing; and research methods and methodologies.


Emily Dressing
Degrees: BA in English from SUNY Geneseo, MA in English from SU. Courses taught: WRT 105, 205, 255, 307, 331, 430. Emily is also the writing consultant for the Master of Public Health and Architecture Graduate Programs.

B Erwin

Ben Erwin
Degrees: B.A. in journalism from Eastern Illinois University; M.A. in English rhetoric and composition from Southern Illinois University at Carbonidale. Academic interests: Writing Center theory, praxis, and administration; Writing Program administration; first year composition; WAC. Courses taught: WRT105, WRT120/220, WRT 205, WRT307, WRT331, WRT430. Ben is currently the administrator in the S.U. Writing Center.


Chris Feikes
Degrees: B.A. in Journalism and B.S. in Psychology (University of Arizona); M.A. in English (rhetoric concentration) and M.S. in English Education (Syracuse University). LVA certified (Literacy Volunteers of America).
Academic interests: multilingual learners in higher ed, urban secondary ed, and composition and rhetoric. Courses taught at SU in traditional and online formats: Wrt104, 105, 109, 114, 205, 209, 255, 301, 422 and 670. Also, “Lifewriting” for the Lifelong Learning Institute and tutoring with the Stevenson Center (student athletes) and with The Learning Place (adult literacy center). Chris is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition. She is also a Project Advance Visitor, working with SUPA secondary teachers across New York State.


Santee Frazier
Santee Frazier is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, and is a graduate Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. He received an MFA from SU and published first collection of poetry, Dark Thrity, in 2009. His poems have been published in Ontario Review, American Poet, Prairie Schooner, and other journals. He has received fellowships from the Lannan Foundation, School for Advanced Research and Native Arts & Cultures Foundation.
Courses Taught: WRT105, 205, 114
Interests: contemporary poetics, indigoenous issues, master narratives, identity politics, lyric essay


Noelle Hedgcock
Degrees: Dual B.A. in English and Textual Studies & Public Relations from Syracuse University. Current English MA student at Syracuse University.
Academic Interests: Nineteenth-century British literature and culture, specifically, Victorian popular culture, performance, and identity.


C.C. Hendricks
C.C. is a doctoral student in the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric department at Syracuse University and holds MAs in English Education and Liberal Studies. She teaches undergraduate composition courses and has served as consultants in University writing centers and a Writing Across the Curriculum program. Her research interests include critical cultural studies in the composition classroom, feminist, countercultural and social-epistemic rhetoric, feminist recovery projects; the rhetoric of WAC, media literacy, and Writing Program Administration.


James Holt
Degrees: B.A., English and French, Sarah Lawrence College; M.A. candidate in English, Syracuse University.
Academic Interests: 20th century literature, print culture, materialist criticism, sociology of literature.
Personal note: Prior to entering Syracuse's M.A. program in English, I worked for several years in academic publishing. I look forward to helping you with your assignment.


Tamara Issak
Tamara is a PhD student in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric. She studied English and Secondary Education in college and completed a master's degree in English literature at Rutgers University. In the past, she taught at Rutgers University, Concordia University-Chicago, Triton Community College, and DePaul University. At Syracuse, she teaches WRT 105 and WRT 205.

Henry Jankiewicz

Henry Jankiewicz
Degrees: BA in English from LaSalle College/(University), Philadelphia, PA
MA in American Literature from Syracuse University. Two years of doctoral credits in Rhetoric and Composition at SU.
Courses taught: WRT 105, 109, 205, 209, 303, 307, 422, PSY 422.
Specialties: Writing about science, photography/art, drugs and culture, grant writing, and scholarship wwriting. Additional interests include rhetorical analysis and theory.
Other: Published science author, poet, songwriter; editor (professional academic articles); musician.

kannan Vani Kannan
Degrees: B.A. Anthropology/Music, Barnard College, M.A. Rhetoric & Composition, Colorado State University, PhD student in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric
Courses taught: WRT 105 (Literacy & Culture), 205 (Local Histories), 303 (Multi-Genre Composition). I have also taught college composition at Colorado State University, focusing on Internet & Social Media and Ethics in Higher Education.
Interests: women's and gender studies (particularly intersectional/women-of-color feminisms), multi-genre composition, historiography, music and rhetoric, creative nonfiction
maier Jakob Maier
Degree: BA in English and Philosophy from Pacific Lutheran University, currently an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Syracuse University.
Academic interests: modern American poetry, online publishing communities, & a smattering of continental philosophy.
Personal note: Jakob is a West coast native, but only slightly interested in beat poetry. He has three years of experience helping students and peers improve their academic writing, and is committed and excited to help anyone and everyone who comes through SU's Writing Center.

Wil Marple
Degrees: BA in English from Gettysburg College. Academic Interests: 19th Century American literature, with some emphasis on African American literature and race relations. Personal Note: Wil fancies himself to be a modern-day Oscar Wilde. He is so clever that sometimes he doesn't understand a single word of what he is saying.


Devon Moore
Degrees: BA in English and American Literature, with a concentration in Creative Writing from New York University; M.S. in Secondary English Education from CUNY Lehman College; MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Syracuse University.
Interests: Literature, Creative Writing, Academic Writing, Critical Theory, Popular Culture and Rhetoric.
Courses taught: WRT 105, 205, and in my former life, many high school English courses.
Personal note: I look forward to helping you with your writing assignments, at any stage of the process.


Jana Rosinski
Degrees: BA in English, Sociology, and Secondary Education from Michigan State University. MA in Written Communication from Eastern Michigan University. Currently a PhD student in the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Program.
Academic interests: video games, digital writing/rhetoric, visual rhetoric, information design, web and multimedia writing, technology studies, and the study of humans +/- machines +/- environments
Courses taught: research and multimedia writing in 104,105, 205; and professional writing and information design in 307.


Chad Seader
Chad Seader is a doctoral candidate in the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric program. He has taught a variety of writing courses, including WRT105, WRT205, and WRT307.


Anastasia Selby
Degrees: Bachelor's Degree in English and Textual Studies from Syracuse University, '15. Anastasia graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Renee Crown Honors Program and won the Orlin Prize for best Capstone. She also received several awards through the English program. She is currently an MFA candidate at Syracuse University in Creative Writing, with an emphasis in fiction. Anastasia has written academic papers about film, literature, and history, with a focus on world film, feminist studies, and African American studies. She also worked as a firefighter for eight years, before returning to school for her bachelor's, and she loves working with nontraditional students, because she used to be one.


Benesemon Simmons
Degrees: B.A. in English from Florida A&M University; M.S. in Organizational Learning & Leadership from Barry University; M.A. in Writing from Nova Southeastern University; PhD in Composition & Cultural Rhetoric at Syracuse University in progress. Academic Interests: Writing, Rhetorical, and Critical Pedagogy; Visual and Cultural Rhetorics; Feminists Rhetorics; Creative Writing. Personal Interests: Challenging the status quo.


Tyler Smart
Degrees: B.S. Anthropology and M.S. Human Resources/Labor Relations at Michigan State University, M.A. English at Syracuse in Progress.
Academic Interests: spatial production of subjectivities, queer theory and the history of sexuality, phenomenology, eco-criticism, and post-humanism.

J Starkweather

John Starkweather
Degrees: A.A. from Jefferson Community College; B.A. in English from SUNY at Geneseo; M.A. in English from Syracuse University.
Academic interests: Critical thinking, the writing process, history, mythology, English and European literature, art, and architecture.
Courses taught: WRT 104, 105, and 205.
Personal note: Hockey, French culture, music, art, and gastronomy are among John's many interests.

Molly Voorheis

Molly Voorheis
Degrees: B.S. in Film and English from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; M.A. in American Lit from SU.
Academic interests: writing and community activism; workplace writing.
Courses taught: WRT 105, 109, 205, 301, 307, 308.
Personal note: Molly is currently editing a book about Wisconsin high school basketball star Mickey Crowe.

Stacey Wright

Stacey Wright
Degrees: BA English & BS-English-Secondary Education at Buffalo State College; MEd-English-Secondary Education at University at Buffalo Academic interests: Literature, writing, and educational theory and practice
Courses taught: WRT 105, 120, 205, 220
Personal note: Stacey enjoys learning about history, science, religion, and actively studying spiritual metaphysics.

Peer Consultants
Mahogany Aminzia Mahogany Aminzia
Mahogany is a Writing and Rhetorical Studies major and Information Management and Technology minor. She is currently completing her final year at Syracuse University. Personal Note: Enjoys music, photography, and comedic/satirical writing.

Rosheada Davis Rosheada Davis
Rosheada Davis is a songwriter at Syracuse University majoring in writing and rhetorical studies. Rosheada has an Associate degree in communication, and she is the creator and operator of the media blog DeyanaDaily. Davis served as a camera operator for Canandaigua city council and was also a crew member of the 2015 Pepsi Hyped for Half-Time concert. With over thirty thousand twitter followers, and six years of customer service experience Rosheada understands the importance of effective communication, articulating ideas clearly and being a good writer. To learn more about Rosheada Davis, follow her on Twitter @DeyanaPilar.

Ibi Lagundoye Ibi Lagundoye
Ibi Lagundoye is a junior majoring in Writing and Rhetoric, as well as a participant in the Fashion and Beauty Communications Milestone program in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She hails from Los Angeles, CA and enjoys all things food related. Previous Courses: WRT 205, WRT 255, ETS 182, AAS 112, AAS 232, AAS 331 Interests: fashion, sustainable fashion and the environment, art, music, debating which 90s cartoons are the best

Doug Moran Doug Moran
I'm a senior English Textual Studies major with a Writing minor. I have some background in creative writing. I also have a background in literary analysis and anthropological analysis.

Janice Wilkins Janice Wilkins
I am a Junior studying Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Marketing. I have taken a wide range of intensive writing courses in both lower and upper divisions. I am very much dedicated to your growth as a student writer and look forward to working with you

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