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Interested in taking WRT 120, 220 or 320? Read this first.

Chances are you are reading this because you heard about WRT 120/220/320 from a teacher. This page is to help you understand what the course offers and what other options exist for one-to-one support at the Syracuse University Writing Center. While WRT 120 might be exactly what you are looking for, it's not a course for everyone.

What is WRT 120? WRT 120 (and its sister courses, 220 and 320) are one-credit independent studies in writing. In each course, students are required to work one-on-one with the same writing consultant once per week for a minimum of twelve (12) hours during a semester. Successful completion of each course results in a pass grade. You can access a pdf of the syllabus here. Please read this page and the entire syllabus before submitting a request for enrollment. [Registration Form]

Can students receive regular writing support without WRT 120? Yes. Every student at SU is permitted to reserve up to two hours of appointments per week with any of our available consultants. As long as students are motivated to reserve and attend regular appointments, they can create their own support system. Hundreds of students at SU choose this option because they enjoy the flexibility of making appointments when they need them and with the most appropriate consultant available. 

How do students make appointments? Students can make appointments online after registering for an account. Once registered, students are able to make appointments with consultants when the schedule is uploaded (usually during the first week of classes). Students should familiarize themselves with appointment policies by visiting the Writing Center website.

If support is regularly available, then who should take WRT 120? Enrollment is by permission only, limited by volume, and is therefore only offered to students for whom the extra support will make a significant difference in their growth. These students benefit from routine meetings at the same day and time each week and are most comfortable working with the same consultant each week. Such students may find it difficult to make appointments on their own and/or desire a credit for the amount of effort the course requires. NOTE: Students in HEOP, OSS or athletics should talk with their counselors before committing to this course.

What are the drawbacks of a course like WRT 120? Some students struggle with WRT 120 because they either have (1) too little writing to sustain weekly meetings or (2) trouble attending weekly appointments. As with other courses at SU, WRT 120 is a commitment and requires students to be prepared each week, ready to write and talk about their assignments. This might sound like a great idea during the first week of classes, but in reality does not pan out when the semester is roaring.

Who can I contact if I have questions? Please contact Ben Erwin, the Writing Center Administrator, at 443-2129 or